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Pool Cleaning Service

Check and balance chemicals 

Vacuum pool with self contained system

Tile and Pool brushed

Skimmer basket emptied

Pool equipment checked for proper operation and timer settings

Filter cleaned when required

Borate treatment to prevent algae

Service summery and photos logged for customer email

Heavy debris removal

Storm damage and construction can be a nightmare not just for home owners but regular pool cleaning services are not equiped to deal with these instances and will often over quote and very often suggest draining a pool which never needed to be drained in the first place. We have advanced pool cleaning equipment that can easily remove construction debris without having to drain your pool. 

Pool School

We are proud to be able to offer a fun pool introduction course for new pool owners.  We explain the filtration system, identify areas of concern and talk about the importance of having balanced pool water and not just clean looking water. The course includes chemicals needed for your pool too!  This makes a great gift too!

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