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What happens when my skimmer doesn't work?

There are a number of reasons why a skimmer doesn't work. The idea of a skimmer is that it pulls water from the surface of your pool (and hopefully the silt, leaves and other debris that's on it, catching the larger debris in the basket and everything else into your pool filter. The water then goes back to the pool through the return jets on the side of the pool.

75% of the dirt in a pool is on the surface. If the skimmer doesn't have a weir door or flap, when the pump turns off, the debris will start to float back into the pool. The surface debris will eventually settle to the bottom of the pool which will eventually stain and is difficult to remove. Typically, weir doors cost about $20-$30. You may be able to find out what type you need, by looking at the numbers on the skimmer cover. However, universal ones are also available. You will have to measure your skimmer opening and take the measurements to your local pool store.

Another common reason for a skimmer not doing its job is because of a leak. I have seen many pools where the owner has to keep the water level below the skimmer line because the skimmer is cracked. Repairing a leaking skimmer could be as easy fix or it could be a full dig out and replacement which should only be carried out by an experienced licensed contractor. However, this can be costly. There are a number of devices out there that act like a floating skimmer and connect by hose either to your dedicated vacuum line in the pool or into the skimmer itself.

If you're unsure which option would work best for you, give us a call and we can help.

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